Why You Should Building An App Like Udemy

Today in the time of digital revolution, how they wished, even they had e-learning platforms. Learning more about astronomy, music, or painting would have been much better and fun. It’s not too late, though. E-learning solutions have provided everyone with a window to discover and fulfil their dreams.

With pandemics like COVID, this change has become the new normal. Schools and offices are turning towards online learning to brace themselves with new skills. The numbers reveal that the global e-learning market will reach 5 billion by 2025. Thus, clone apps are in demand, won’t be a surprise to know, right?

Many businesses are choosing to build an Udemy Clone App considering its popularity, features, content, and convenience. There are e-learning solutions like Lynda, SkillShare, Coursera, but they are niche specific. As Coursera provides more university certified lectures, Lynda, aka LinkedIn Learning has a good quality of professional skill based courses, etc.

Udemy, on the other hand, is like a mixture of all. From creativity to business skills and university certified lectures, it has a vast range of quality content from over 20,000 experts. Learners can learn at their pace, add it to their Wishlist, and whatnot.

Are you still having second thoughts for having a Udemy like app?

Keep reading to find your answers.

Features of a Custom Udemy like App

Going with Udemy like app means providing learners and educators with features like:

1. Categorized Courses

How awful it is to visit a library and find a literature book in a Physics section. Well, that’s what happens if courses are just randomly uploaded on the platform. Udemy categorizes all the courses in main and sub-main topics.

2. Self-paced Learning

Isn’t it amazing to know that you can start learning a specific topic today and keep going for a year or two or maybe a lifetime? No exams. No deadlines. Only learning. Udemy provides a lifetime of access, and once enrolled, learners can take lectures on their own pace. Even if the educator deletes the course, those registered will have access to it for a lifetime.

3. Microlearning

Microlearning is the latest trend. Learners want to learn a skill in a short span. Udemy makes sure that engagement with educational content remains intact. Thus, for free courses, the maximum video length is 2 hours, whereas a Diploma in Management Studies would more likely be course dependent.

4. No mandatory enrolling

Recalling Newton’s third law, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” If you try to tie your learners with mandatory enrolling or age restrictions, they will lose interest. An e-learning solution like Udemy knows it well. Thus, it provides learners with no limits. They can freely surf through the courses with no age limit and compulsory enrolment.

5. Wishlist

The business model of Udemy is similar to an eCommerce platform. Therefore, like an eCommerce website that provides a shopping cart and Wishlist, Udemy Clone App allows learners to add their interested courses in a Wishlist.

6. Separate Portals

We can say that Udemy follows the Uber model. Just like Uber, Udemy gives every skilled person a chance to be an educator. It also has separate models. Learners can track their courses, and access features that are relevant to them. Educators can have their own set of features. They can create courses; view the course enrollment reports, and more. As an admin, you can manage the entire business from the dashboard.

7. Interactive Quizzes

In virtual learning, the chances of losing interest are more. So,to keep it interesting, Udemy provides educators with a separate space to share the tutorials, materials, or play quizzes. Learners can have a group discussion with the educator and other students in that space. They can also download the materials and certificates shared over.

8. Personalization

We need everything customized. Why should learning be the same? Hence, Udemy Clone App provides learners with personalized courses. With features like recommended courses, similar to the one you enrolled, it serves learners a scoop of what they’re looking for and what might interest them. So, yeah it feels like spoon-feeding your favorite dish.

9. Sales and Reporting

Okay, after providing learners and educators with quality features, it’s time to look after the business. Udemy Clone App would make sure that as an admin, you could track all the courses, response rate, enrolments, profits, demanding courses, etc. Numbers never lie, but they might confuse, so the admin can view all the results graphically to understand the up fall and downfall.

10. Payments

The one big advantage of having an eCommerce business is digital payments. You can instantly get the money in your account. Udemy offers paid courses and provides multiple payment options to enroll for it. It also makes sure that educators automatically receive the defined enrolment fee. To avoid misunderstandings, it has a separate payment module for all three: learner, educator, and admin. Everyone can view his or her payment-related history in his or her respective login window.

Over to You

Custom e-learning solutions give you the freedom to choose your target audience. It can be niche specific like engineering or marketing related. You can build it for your existing or a particular business. With educators from around the world, you won’t have to invest your time and money in hiring or creating content. You can also include advanced features like VR, AR, game based learning, and more.


Don’t you think your e-learning solution should be popular, intriguing, and evergreen? Just as the learning that has no age. Keep reading to find the hidden gems.

30 October

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