Comparing Balance Transfer Options

A balance transfer allows a person to transfer a balance from onecredit card to another credit card. There are many reasons why aperson would want to do this. First, a person might wish to transfera balance from one card to another if the new card is running aspecial with a 0 balance transfers option. This would mean that forthe balance that the person transfers in, there would not be anyinterest rate. Normally this 0% interest rate is just a promotionalterm and will end after the specified period of time, but that timeof 0% interest could allow a person to pay down a good portion, ifnot all of their credit card debt balance. If a person is strugglingto pay down their balance and they wish to find a way to get ahead ontheir debt payments, this could be an excellent option to pay downmore debt than the person normally would be able to. Anotherreason that a person would want to transfer their balances from onecredit card to another is if the current credit card company haschanged their fee structure. Many credit card companies change theirfee structure every year and the change in fee structure might take alow fee card and change it into a not so low fee card. This changecould cost a person a lot of extra money in fees and penalties, whichmight motivate that person to transfer their balance to another card.When a person makes the decision to transfer their balance toa new card they will need to pay close attention to the fee that isassociated with a balancetransfer. Many credit cards will offer 0 balance transfers butmany other credit cards will only offer up to a 20.0% percent balancetransfer to bring in a balance from another card. Many credit cardcompanies will even charge a fee for the person to transfer theirentire balance out of their credit card company and to anothercompany. These fees are legal and can negate the benefit of a 0%promotional period with the new credit card balance transfer.Transferring credit card balances can be a very wise financial move,as long as the terms are correct and the person does not lose moneyduring the transfer. Having a low fee credit card will help a personpay off their debt as quickly as possible.

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29 November

South American channeled apple snail discovered in Georgia

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The American state of Georgia faces a new problem as wildlife officials discovered the South American channeled apple snail along the Alabaha River in Pierce County last month. Similar snails have been seen in four American states, including at least nine Florida counties, and Indonesia.

Apple snails (those of the ampullariidae family) are tropical and sub-tropical freshwater snails. They are named for their round shell, which is apple shaped. The channeled apple snail (Pomacea canaliculata) has a yellow-to-brown shell that may grow to the size of a baseball. Unlike many other freshwater gastropods, Apple Snails have both a lung and a gill. This allows them to live even in oxygen-poor waters. Outside of their natural habitat of South America, the snails have no natural enemies. As they reproduce quickly and feed on aquatic plants, which provide food and shelter for native species, they can be devastating to their new environment.

“This discovery is one of particular interest because of the invasive nature of the species,” assistant chief of DNR’s Non-game Wildlife and Natural Heritage Section Jon Ambrose told the AP. “Because of the array of problems that can arise from releasing non-native species into Georgia’s waters, we want to stress that this is not a responsible practice for pet owners.”

DNR biologists searched the site of the discovery again last weekend. Although no more channeled apple snails were found, they may return for a more elaborate search. The Georgia winter, more severe than Florida´s, may put a stop to the threat.

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27 November

Wikinews interviews William Pomerantz, Senior Director of Space Prizes at the X PRIZE Foundation

Regardless of who wins the prize, people all around the world will be able to experience the mission through high-def video-streams.
Saturday, August 28, 2010

Andreas Hornig, Wikinews contributor and team member of Synergy Moon, competitor in the Google Lunar X Prize, managed to interview Senior Director of Space Prizes William Pomerantz of the X PRIZE Foundation about the competitions, goals, and impacts via e-mail for and Wikinews.

By Wikinews,the free news source

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This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

This article is part of a page redesign trial on Wikinews. Please leave comments or bug reports on this redesign.This interview originally appeared on, released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Credit for this interview goes to and Andreas -horn- Hornig.

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27 November

Cyber attacks in Estonia threaten national security

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Recent cyber attacks in Estonia that have paralyzed the high tech country’s Web sites are a threat to national security, according to the country’s Minister of Defense. This has concerned NATO, seeing that Estonia is a member state of the organization. The attacks have subsided this week.

The Defense Minister Jaak Aaviksoo also mentioned that Russia may have been behind the attacks. He stated that the IP numbers in the initial attack belong to Russian government offices, but says that it’s insufficient evidence that the government is behind it. The Kremlin is dismissing the accusations, saying that its caused by hackers producing fake Kremlin IP addresses.

The cyber attacks came after Estonia removed a Soviet-era statue of a Bronze Soldier in Tallinn, which angered many Russians. Riots have left 160 injured, and 1 dead.

Both NATO and the European Union views this as an attack on one of their member states. Three hundred Estonian IT specialist worked day and night to fix the problem.

The Estonian government plans to analyze server logs and data to find out who is behind the attacks.

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24 November

When And How To Hire A Sales Management Consultant In Chicago


Whether you own a small business or a larger one, you may find that sales management in your Chicago business is lacking or nonexistent. Many businesses find that they don’t have enough money to employ sales management teams or enough work for those teams to do. Therefore, they ignore management needs until their sales figures are very low, and they risk losing the business. If you own a business such as this, you may wonder what to do. You could consider hiring a sales management consultant, who will come in, assess the staff and create new processes and rules that will help everyone. Then, you can incorporate those new processes or include the consultant for a day or two to help everyone get situated, which can save money and time.


YouTube Preview Image

A sales manager will help staff be their best and will give direction and help whenever needed. Most managers are unsure of what to do or what they are allowed to do. If your Chicago business does have a manager, you may want to consider a consultant to come in and help them be better at management so that the sales people can be better at selling.

No Risk

Businesses are leery of hiring anyone because they must jump through hoops with the government in the form of insurance and benefits. This can be cumbersome and difficult to handle, so you may not want to hire a sales management team. If that is the case, a consultant could be beneficial as they are not considered an employee of your firm and are not required to have a contract or any special benefits.

Don’t Give Up

Most business owners end up firing their staff and hiring new ones in order to have a better sales team. After a few times of hiring and firing, most business owners give up on the business itself and move on to something else. While this may be tempting, depending on where you are currently, resist the urge to give up on your team and your business. Most sales staff aren’t sure of what to do or how to do it. Instead, try a sales management consultant in Chicago, as they may be able to show the staff what they are doing wrong and how to fix it. This means you will start making money again and won’t have to give up.

A sales management consultant in Chicago is the perfect solution for many small businesses. Choose The Sales Coaching Institute for your consulting needs. There highly effective sales management methodologies have helped sales managers at every level take charge of the selling process.

21 November

Global study dispels some myths about sexual behaviour

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The first comprehensive global study of sexual behaviour, published today as part of The Lancet’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Online Series, found that people aren’t losing their virginity at ever younger ages, married people have the most sex, and there is no firm link between promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases.

Experts say data gleaned from the study will be useful not only in dispelling popular myths about sexual behaviour, but in shaping policies that will help improve sexual health across the world. Researchers looked at previously published studies on sexual behaviour in the last decade.

Professor Kaye Wellings, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines, and her colleagues analysed data on sexual behaviour in the last decade from 59 countries.

The report also shows no support for the common notion that there is a culture of multiple sexual partners in countries with poor sexual health. Multiple sexual partners, it turns out, are more common in industrialised than in developing nations.

The study also found that contrary to popular belief, sexual activity is not starting earlier. Nearly everywhere, men and women have their first sexual experiences in their late teens; from 15 to 19 years old — with generally younger ages for women than for men, especially in developing countries.

“A single woman is more able to negotiate safe sex in certain circumstances than a married woman,” said Paul van Look, director of Reproductive Health and Research at the World Health Organisation, who was unconnected to the study and points out that “married women in Africa and Asia are often threatened by unfaithful husbands who frequent prostitutes”.

There is much greater equality between women and men with regard to the number of sexual partners in rich countries than in poor countries, the study found. This imbalance has significant public health implications. Because of the diversity of sexual habits worldwide, Wellings warns that no single approach to sexual health will work everywhere. “There are very different economic, religious and social rules governing sexual conduct across the world,” Wellings said.

For example, men and women in Australia, Britain, France and the United States tend to have an almost equal number of sexual partners. In contrast, in Cameroon, Haiti, and Kenya, men tend to have multiple partners while women tend only to have one.

Along with other industrialised countries, Australia was one in which having two or more sexual partners in the past year was comparatively common.

Single men and women in Africa were fairly sexually inactive: only two-thirds of them reported recent sexual activity, compared with three-quarters of their counterparts in developed countries.

In what researchers said was proof the sexual double standard was still strong, more men than women reported having more than one partner.

“These findings beg the question of who the men are having sex with,” they wrote.

Italy had one of the lowest percentages of men who had sex before age 15 (4 per cent), compared to 18 per cent in the United States and 30 per cent in Brazil and the Dominican Republic. The researchers said early initiation was more likely to be non-consensual, unsafe and generally to be regretted later.

The study suggests that unequal treatment of girls and women as the major sexual-health issue.

The researchers call for providing sexual health services to unmarried young women, supplying condoms, decriminalizing commercial sex and homosexual sex, and prosecuting the perpetrators of sexual violence.

Experts say data gleaned from the study will be useful not only in dispelling popular myths about sexual behaviour, but in shaping policies that will help improve sexual health across the world.

“There’s a misperception that there’s a great deal of promiscuity in Africa, which is one of the potential reasons for HIV/AIDS spreading so rapidly,” said van Look

Fewer than half of unmarried non-virgins reported having sex in the past month.

Some of the major findings the survey found were:

  • School-based sexual education delays and does not hasten onset of sexual activity.
  • First sexual experience is often forced or sold.
  • Marriage is no safeguard of sexual health. It is more difficult for married women to negotiate safe sex and condom use than it is for single women.
  • Condom use is increasing, but condom-use rates remain low in many developing countries.
  • Among girls who marry at a very young age, “very early sexual experience within marriage can be coercive and traumatic.”
  • While there is no major trend toward earlier sexual experience, a trend toward later marriage has led to an increase in premarital sex.
  • Public health measures to improve sexual health should focus not only on individual behaviours but also on broader issues such as gender, poverty, and mobility.
  • Public-health messages intended to reduce sexual risk-taking “should respect diversity and preserve choice.”
  • Monogamy is the dominant pattern in most parts of the world. Men report more multiple partnerships than do women. Such men are more likely to live in developed nations.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

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21 November

Fire kills eleven at oil worker housing in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia

Monday, August 31, 2015

A fire in the eastern Saudi city of Alkhobar tore through a housing complex for oil workers yesterday, killing eleven, according to civil officials.

The Radium complex is rented by oil firm Aramco for their employees. According to nearby resident Mohammed Siddique the fire broke out early in the morning. Siddique says the building contains locals, as well as Westerners and Asians. The cause is unclear but the civil defence ministry tweeted “Cars and furniture caught fire in the basement of one of the towers”.

Over 200 people were injured. Firefighters scaled the burning tower on ladders, and helicopters were on-scene. Other towers in the complex were evacuated. Thick smoke from the blaze complicated rescue efforts.

Aramco CEO Amin H. Nasser said the firm is “deeply saddened to learn of the fatalities and injuries. We offer heartfelt condolences to the families. Our immediate priority is to provide full support to those affected by this tragic incident.” Aramco, which produces and exports more crude oil than any competitor worldwide, say the fire is under investigation.

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13 November

Developments In Designing Swimming Pool Enclosures

By Adrianna Noton

Owning a swimming pool has become almost a basic need for many people. This notion has made business avenues from the companies, which have become very innovative in designing and construction. The availability for these services is easy to access to anybody who would have the need to have a pool. Therefore, with this kind of innovation many people have sought for Swimming pool enclosures to guard and provide services that are essential to its life span.

The enclosures come in many forms and shapes around the world. For instance there is the glass and the retractable types of the structures and the rest . The main challenges facing this models is their inability to resist moisture which end up causing rotting, mold, warping rust and other defects that are associated with the structural durability and the finishes found in the system which is also known to cause health and other maintenance issues.

The introduction of the enclosures was mainly to control the humidity by a venting mechanism of hot and moist air out of the structure. There was the application of the exhaust fans replacing this air with fresh dry air from the outdoor. This technique was effectively applicable in cold weather since in this kind of condition the outside is usually more drier and cooler than the inside hence keeping the temperature and the humidity under control.

YouTube Preview Image

These systems cannot effectively regulate this humidity and temperature, therefore when the climate is warmer and the humidity is high and the you may opt for a pool enclosure structure which could be aimed at creating a milder internal environment that enable swimming during this high heat periods. It is during this season that the climate outside is more humid than the air that is contained within the pool which instead rise the amount of heat more than it was .

The experts who include the engineers and feature construction companies have come up with a system that is able to correct this scenario . It is able to control the humidity plus the overall temperature inside the room.

Instead of replacing the air from the inner side by venting the engineers have come up with a dehumidifying machine that manages the removal of the moisture from the air inside which is then re introduced back, this also happens to the water which is re-circulated repeatedly.

These technology is able to control proper levels of relative humidity which has a lot success in reducing the amount of energy used to achieve an equilibrium of moisture and air. This has been the most efficient and effective method of controlling the enclosure.

The presence of these mechanism when designing, building and operating the pools as it cannot work separately with the climate in terms of the heat, humidity and ventilation. This must be consolidated in the construction plan.

Using proper material during the swimming pool enclosure and the finishes should be taken firmly as there is need for water and moisture resistance . On the other hand, these materials have to be customized with specifications built for this purpose.

About the Author: For both residential and commercial clients, custom built structures open many different spaces up to the sun, air and stars. These include Quality retractable skylights and indoor waterpark enclosures, atriums, patios, anywhere that a truly open space is desired.


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11 November

Shooting at school leaves one dead in Tennessee, United States

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Thursday, 15-year-old student, Ryan McDonald, was shot and killed. The shooting occurred at just after 8:00am (UTC-5), at Central High School, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

According to Deputy Chief of Police of the Knoxville police department, William C. Roehl stated that the shooting was not “random” and that “they had contact with one another”. The shooting which occurred 8:11am (UTC-5), followed a confrontation in the cafeteria. Police arrived on the scene at 8:13am, and the suspect was taken into custody at 8:17am. McDonald was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center where he died at 8:57am, according to the police.

Police have arrested Jamar B. Siler, also 15, and charged him with first-degree murder. Judge Tim Irwin set September 17, 2008 as the trial date. Siler is being held at a juvenile detention center.

Kevin Perry, a pastor at Word of Life Ministries, said he had spoken to a student who witnessed the shooting.

“He saw them when they were arguing and pushing and shoving,” Perry said, recounting what the student had told him. “He didn’t see the guy shoot him. What he did see was the guy fall.”

Another high school student, Chad Griffin, was ten feet away from where the confrontation occurred and said that “he [McDonald] got shot and started walking and he was holding his chest. There was blood everywhere. And then he fell and his arm hit me.”

The school was preparing to release students, and bring them to a local church were they could be picked up by their guardians. Central High School has around 1,400 students.

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10 November

GM and Chrysler receive Canadian loans amid US restructuring ultimata

Friday, April 3, 2009

General Motors (GM) and Chrysler will receive bridge loans from the government of Canada and the provincial government of Ontario, however no more will be forthcoming from either Canadian or US governments unless the companies can reinvent themselves.

“This is a regrettable but necessary step to protect the Canadian economy. We are doing this on the assumption that we obviously cannot afford either in the United States or Canada a catastrophic short-term collapse.” said Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

“We cannot, we must not, and we will not let our auto industry simply vanish. This industry is, like no other, an emblem of the American spirit; a once and future symbol of America’s success,” said Barack Obama, President of the United States. “These companies – and this industry – must ultimately stand on their own, not as wards of the state.”File:Sinsheim quer.jpg

Chrysler will receive CA$1 billion and may in fact be eligible for as much as CA$4 billion. If Chrysler succeeds in the next 30 days with a restructuring plan it would be eligible for a US$6 billion loan. A part of Chrysler’s restructuring plan must include a partnership with Fiat within 30 days to appease the US administration. Fiat is a supplier of smaller fuel-efficient vehicles, and the merger will help Chrysler to be viable in the North American market. A Chrysler court bankruptcy would inevitably lead to it being sold off.

As a part of Chrysler’s restructuring plans, Tom LaSorda, the president of Chrysler announced that Canadian operations would fold if it does not receive both the US commitment of $2.3 billion of aid and a new Canadian Auto Workers CAW contract to reduce all-in costs by CA$19 per hour. As a result of this announcement Chrysler’s auto sales volume in Canada dropped 23% compared to March of 2008.

GM has until the end of May to restructure its company to receive up to CA$7.5 billion. As part of the companies restructuring, General Motor’s chief executive Rick Wagoner was replaced Sunday with Fritz Henderson, the current chief operating officer. Henderson spoke out on Tuesday that GM has submitted a restructuring plan which would close five plants, and this may be increased to meet the requirements for financial aid. He is in full compliance with Obama’s auto task force to seek bankruptcy if GM cannot negotiate with their unions, bondholders and others.

GM recently brought forward the “GM Total Confidence” program providing consumer purchase protection for customers who lose their job for economic reasons within the first two years from purchase. As a result of Chrysler’s restructuring announcement in Canada, GM’s Canadian vehicle sales volume fell only 17.3% compared to 2008, an increase from the previous month.

GM must reduce some of its legacy costs which include its pensions and union health care costs. A part of GM’s ailments arose from investing in supplying truck and SUVs during an economy of high gas prices when consumers were demanding fuel efficient vehicles.

Tony Clement, Canada’s Minister of Industry, is hoping that the CAW will support the restructuring process and re-negotiate their agreement. Whereas a United Auto Workers negotiator has said, “I don’t see how the UAW will do anything until they see what the bondholders will give up.”

The Obama administration is looking toward bankruptcy proceedings for the automakers, “as a mechanism to help them restructure quickly and emerge stronger. [It will] quickly clear away old debts that are weighing them down. What we are asking is difficult. It will require hard choices by companies. It will require unions and workers who have already made painful concessions to make even more. It will require creditors to recognise that they cannot hold out for the prospect of endless government bailouts.” said Obama.

The auto parts suppliers and IT software exporters in India have already been affected by the declining auto sales. GM and Chrysler software contracts provide US$300 to 350 million a year to vendors in India. As well these two major automakers usually award US$1 billion contracts to auto parts suppliers. “We are worried and closely watching the developments in the US to gauge the impact. The decline in auto sales in the US has already hit the order books of Indian suppliers,” said a Delhi auto parts supplier.

“Going forward, the industry will undoubtedly be smaller, but if our efforts are successful it will be viable and it will support good jobs for Canadians,” said Clements.

Betty Sutton, Ohio’s Congresswoman put forward the CARS act which provides a US$3,000 to 5,000 incentive for those who trade in their vehicle for a fuel-efficient car. “It clearly stimulates the economy, and it gets the consumer into the showroom and gets them buying again. But importantly — and this is what I particularly like about it — it really helps the environment quite a bit in two respects.” said William Clay Ford Jr., executive chairman of Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Company has not come forward with requests for assistance.

Since December GM and Chrysler have received US$17.4 billion government loans.

How should the automakers re-invent themselves?
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6 November