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Everyone would have gone to dentists at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes, to fill up a cavity in your mouth, replace teeth, or if you are one so naughty that broke your teeth in a fall, then, to fit artificial teeth and the reasons can be many. Thus, a dentist is one major person in our lives. But, of course, going to the dentists are nightmares for everyone, because he says, It won t hurt, relax, and then, you find him clutching his drills to explore your mouth. Good God! It is terribly frightening, that your eyes get tightly shut, and the siren of fear echoes the room. Again, the dentist shall assure It won t hurt. May be, this is why, we define dentists as prestidigitators who put metal into your mouth and pulls coins out of your pocket. And, we keep thinking, some tortures are physical, some mental, but the one that is both, is Dental.

Actually, dentists play the role of small soldiers in our life, who safeguards us from those terrible toothaches that attacks our region of the oral cavity. The dentists fight the intruders (germs), who invade our oral regions. In that way, they are really the soldiers of our oral cavity. There are many things to know about dentists and dentistry, which, once known, wouldn t let your conscience blame or tolerate someone blaming dentists. So, coming to a serious discussion, a dentist or dental surgeon is a doctor specialized in treatment of oral diseases and its diagnosis and prevention. The oral health services provided by the dental clinics help fight our oral cavity troubles, with the help of dental assistants, hygienists, dental technicians and therapists.


Dentists are graduates of dental colleges, who have acquired at least a bachelor s degree and efficient training. They should graduate from accredited schools of dental education, and also pass all the written and practical examinations of dentistry. Dentists not only diagnose and treat tooth issues, but also instruct patients on things like their diet, brushing, use of fluorides for their tooth, flossing and similar aspects related to dental care. The treatment options included in dental clinics are removal of tooth decay, filling of cavities, examining x-rays, pacing protective plastic sealants on children s teeth, straightening the teeth, and repairing fractured teeth. Also, treatments for gum diseases like performing gum and supporting bone s correction surgeries are offered in the dental clinics. Aesthetic oral treatments are also provided by which, ugly teeth and gums can be replaced with duplicate good teeth.

A wide range of dental equipment used by dentists are available today like, x-ray machines, drills, mouth mirror, probes, forceps, brushes, and scalpels. The latest technologies used may include digital scanners, latest laser technologies, and other computer technologies, sophisticating the dentistry to match it with the current technologies. Inside the dental lab, the staffs and doctors wear gloves, safety glasses, masks, etc., that prevent infectious diseases from spreading.

There are several specialty areas in dentistry, in which, each doctor can specialize. For instance, the Orthodontists are the biggest group of dentists, who provides teeth straightening adjustments for the patient s teeth by applying pressure with braces and other appliances to the teeth. There are several other areas like, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons (who handles operations in mouths, teeth, gums, jaws, neck and head), Periodontics (perform gum and supporting bone corrections), Prosthodontists (replace missing teeth), Endodontists( performs root canal therapy), etc. Dentists play crucial roles in everyone s life, and it is up to you, to decide which category specialized dentist should be your doctor for all your oral troubles.

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