How To Lose Those Last Stubborn Pounds… And Keep It Off Forever!

By Marci Lall

Okay so its been about 6 months of you doing all this exercise stuff, its working and with great success youve lost a lot of pounds. However, one problem still remains, you are 5 -10 pounds away from your goal and NOTHING seems to make it go away.

A lot of women face this situation throughout their process of losing weight and getting fit. They work hard and continue to exercises on a regular basis. But during the final stages of attaining their ultimate goal they find they cant lose any more weight. There are 6 aspects to consider when faced with this challenge.

1. Be patient


One of the hardest parts of losing weight is being patient. In todays society if we want something we are so accustomed to getting it now. We think heres my money now wheres my product/food. We tend to have the instant gratification mindset and want our needs to be fulfilled now. Weight loss and getting fit is an extraordinary way to break this habit. You must work and put in the time and effort in order to see results. Plan out your workouts and take your time, it might take a little longer but at least it will be gone for good. A little short term pain for a long term gain!

2. Dont bore your body to death

Imagine if you had a life where what you did everyday was the same thing. Thats some scary stuff huh? Imagine how boring and dull it would be after 3 days of doing the same thing over and over again. Its a sad thought but most women who try to lose weight tend to stick with the same exercise routines for months! Our bodies are amazing, you see if we give it something to do over and over again it adapts. So, if you do the same exercises, in the same order, and at the same time your body will eventually adapt and not grow/lose weight. In order for you to have a successful weight loss you need to shake it like a salt shaker and give your routine a total makeover. You should change up your routine every 2 weeks. This timeframe gives your body some time to grow but not to adapt. It also allows your body to experience continual weight loss since you will never give your body the opportunity to adapt.

3. Being positively powerful

It happens to all of uswhen we are faced with a difficult task we almost always think negative. This is especially true when women seem they cant lose those last annoying pounds. They spend a good amount of energy thinking as well as verbalizing that they Cant or that It will never happen. Instead of building a list of negativity, try to reinforce your goals with positive affirmations. It can be a simple line such as (your name), you can do this! Youre so close to your goal dont give up now!. Add a little positive reinforcement to your fitness process and it will give your spirit a confidence booster that may eventually help you lose those last pounds for good.

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