Getting Cpt Internship Job For College Students

Getting CPT Internship Job for college students



According to the Department of Homeland Security, the term Curricular Practical Training or CPT is defined to be an alternative study/work, cooperative education, internship or any other kind internship which is offered by employers acting as sponsors with cooperative agreements with a school. For students with F-1 visa, CPT\’s main motive is to expose one in real life situations and providing work experience before completion of a certain program. Generally, one gets credit for working in CPT.

Eligibility for CPT internships: A student must be enrolled in a full time academic course. An exception do exists for students pursuing graduate degrees whose program requires them to participate immediately in an internship. CPT is available to students who possess a valid F-1 status, as well as before completing their respective degree.

CPT internships can be of Two types: Part-time and Full-time

Part-time CPT internships: In the mid of a session at school, students are eligible for internship offer and can work part-time. But the time-limit is restricted to 20 hours/week.


Full-time CPT internships: It can be applied by someone who has completed a full academic year. It could be in Spring, Summer or Fall.

It is important to know that if one uses CPT for more than 12 months, he/she may not get to complete OPT (Optional Practical Training).

One should get in touch with a student adviser to ensure and check one\’s eligibility for CPT.

Following are the documents that are required before applying for CPT internships:

Job Offer Letter: An official letter signed by the employer on the company letterhead, which must include the name of the employer, full address of the company, employment dates, and duties to be performed.

CPT Recommendation Form: Fully filled-in and completed by the academic adviser.

Copies of the immigration documents: Passport (photo, biographical data and the expiration date pages), back and front of I-94 and I-20 card.

The student adviser will approve CPT by issuing I-20, which might take one week to process. One can start working only they receive the I-20. This authorization is valid for a specific employer, location, specific time-period and also on the basis of full or part-time as approved.

If the internship extends beyond the time-limit as mentioned in the CPT, then one needs to get a new offer letter from the employer and repeat the same process as mentioned above so as to get a new I-20.

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