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We specialize in the development of Health Care Solution and Health software services. Specifically, our company carries out ASP Model or a stand-alone model. With the ASP Model, the system is supported and maintained at a secured datacenter so you dont need a dedicated IT staff and do not incur server/network infrastructure cost. With the Stand-Alone Model, you install, support, and maintain servers and data at your place of business. Software-based platform with a Medical Knowledge Base for documentation and clinical management support for obstetrical care.At every stage of the development process, from conceptual software design to product release, the highest quality standards are maintained. To make this a reality, we offer affordable, mobile optimized, point of care solutions that bridge the gap that currently exists between hospitals and home care.

Our health and safety software solutions allow you to simply set up and maintain a Health management system that covers all your organizations health, safety and environmental requirements. Our range of products can help you to comply with legislation and current best practice, as well as helping you meet recognized health, safety and environmental.

We believe that one of the reasons we’ve grown from strength to strength is our commitment to responding to our customers’ changing requirements. We deliver high quality software to our customers. In the last decade we’ve had the privilege of working with some great organizations throughout the Prm Solutions.

We are a solution provider that focuses on delivering quality products and services to our customers with business Health solutions focusing on Patient relation ship (PRM), enterprise infrastructure services.


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17 November

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