Colorful Custom Printed Bags Advertise At Low Cost

By Ellie Lewis

What most companies do, when they want to make a splash with their clients, is to produce some giveaway container for them to take something home in. This is done in most stores, of course, but they are also gaining popularity in take out restaurants too. Custom bags, or event bags, can even be made for seminars etc where the attendees have to take away some free things which are promoting that particular company.

Most people look for these days are biodegradable ones which will break down when they are thrown in the trash. Failing this, the recyclable kind is what most people want too. In fact, anything which takes the pressure off the resources of the world must be a good thing for sure.

However, one great saving that companies make is on the free advertising that the surfaces of these containers provide space for. Not only will they carry the contact numbers of the company, they can also carry just about anything that the company wants to put on there too. This could be a newly designed logo which represents what the company does, or it could be a list of special events or offers which are coming up in the near future.


This is undoubtedly the cheapest way to advertise out of all the different ways that advertising can be done. Those adverts on the TV or radio will certainly cost thousands for a few seconds each, but printing on containers takes this down to mere cents. They need to be given away anyway since no one would shop somewhere where they have to take along something to carry the goods home in, so what better way to let the public know what is coming up in future.

They come in varying shapes and sizes too and will generally be made to fit the product. For example, small sacks are usually used for burgers and such, while pizzas will need the cardboard boxes which keep the product hot. In fact, if the product needs to be kept safe in transit, like cakes etc, the container must be made from a more stable material than paper.

Some companies have the containers made in huge amounts to keep down the unit price. The manufacturers will usually keep the bulk of the order themselves if the company wants it so it saves on space. However, some goods need to be kept in just the right temperature so that ink does not bleed etc so it may be a good idea to leave the bulk with those who know how to handle the product.

Depending on how many colors are used in the printing and logo, the cost will be lower if there is only one used. Every new color is a separate run through the print machines and this is why colorful adverts cost that much more. Companies which undertake this kind of work are freely available online and will usually give quotes by email too. Try comparison shopping to see which ones give the best deals.

About the Author: Ellie Lewis recently purchased several cases of

custom bags

for her restaurant. She ordered several cases of

event bags

with her restaurant’s logo printed on it for a fundraiser at her restaurant.


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