How To Change An I Phone Battery

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By Chad Rutt

Because consumers use their iPhones not just for conversations but for email and Internet, batteries can run down fairly quickly. The most common problem that you will have with your Apple Mobile Handheld Device will be the battery. Average Batter life is only 18 months and these devices will last at least 36 months if taken care of properly. If your iPhone won’t stay charged or if it has an extremely short battery life, it’s a sure sign that you need to replace the battery.

So with a dead battery you could either take it to a iPhone repair shop of change it yourself for much less. Here are detailed instructions on changing the battery of your iPhone. You will need the following to change the battery: a specialty screw driver that can be purchased in a Screw Driver Torx kit, a replacement battery, and most importantly patients. The kit and battery can be found on any electronics parts websites.


Now lets change your iPhone battery. First step for the iPhone battery is to open the back side of the phone by inserting an open safety pin into the tiny hole located near the headphone jack input. This opens the bowl part of the back iPhone panel which you will then need to unscrew and remove the two small screws on each side of the iPhone bowl. Now you will need to separate from back from the front LCD screen. To separate the front and back panel you will need to use the tool called the spudger which is located in the Screw Driver Torx kit. Insert the spudger between the front panel and circular chrome ring. Do not tear the stationary connectors of the two plates or you will damage the functionality of the device.

Now it’s time to remove the numbered cables. Locate cable number 1 and 2 and separate with the spudger. This will allow the front and rear cases to be separated completely, ensuring you have no obstructions in your work space. Next you will unscrew the bottom screws of the motherboard. Loosen cable labeled number 4. The only band left connected at this point is the camera. Remove the cable for the camera and motherboard. Make sure that all screws connecting the motherboard are kept safe as you will need them to put the phone back together once the battery has been replaces. Lastly remove the battery by pulling on the tab. Replace the battery and put the iPhone back together in reverse order.

Be sure and recycle your used battery or dispose of it properly as batteries can get punctured in landfills and leak toxic chemicals into the environment. Additionally, remember that there are a lot of little pieces inside your iPhone and to use care so as not to loose any parts. Remember, fixing the iPhone battery is common place and doesn’t necessarily reflect upon the quality of your device. Once you have inserted your new battery, look on the Apple website for tips on how to extend battery life. Often times you can change the settings which will give you extra hours a day of power, not to mention put less wear on your battery.

About the Author: Chad Rutt is the digital marketing strategist for the company iBroken Inc, a mobile iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair truck that services Los Angeles, CA and its surrounding areas.

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