Aviation Min, Dial Refute Cag’s Findings

The Ministry “strongly refutes the loss figures and other allegations made in the report” and the calculation of “presumptive gain from the commercial use of land at Delhi Airport was totally erroneous and misleading,” an official statement said.

Asked about the report, Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said “it is not for us to comment or say whether we accept it or not. The report will go to the Public Accounts Committee which will take a decision.”

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The Ministry statement said that in the calculation, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) “simply adds the nominal value of the projected revenue, without taking the net present value.

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In fact the net present valueof the figure quoted byCAG is Rs 13,795 crores only. CAG has further failed to appreciate that 46 per cent of this amount would be payable to AAI as revenue share.”

It said the views of the Ministry and Airports Authority of India (AAI) had not been incorporated in the report and “there are aspects mentioned in the final report which were neither included in the draft audit report nor were discussed with the Ministry at any point in time.”

18 September

Interviews India Aviation Safety My Top Priority

His appointment comes at a time when the regulator is embroiled in a controversy over theabrupt removal of former DGCA chief EK Bharat Bhushan. An inquiry is already underway to establish whether Bhushan indeed made a file noting on issuing a notice to Kingfisher Airlines a day before he was removed from his post. Mishra spoke to HT on his priorities and challenges.Excerpts:Flight School

You are back after a three-year stint as Indias representative to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). What would be your top priorities?

Aviation safety would be my top most priority and I would ensure that safety isnt compromised at any cost. I will work towards improving the safety culture of not only the DGCA but all stakeholders of the aviation industry. We also need more technical staff in DGCA.

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What are your views on the controversy surrounding Kingfisher Airlines?

I have just taken charge and still have to go through the Kingfisher file. Whatever be the case, safety is paramount and will not be compromised at any cost.

What would be your biggest challenge?

The ICAO audit to be held in December will be one of our biggest challenges. We will work very hard to meet the expectations and collaborate, coordinate and cooperate with all stakeholders. We will implement stringent (pilot) licensing norms and a robust surveillance system.

19 April